The Women’s Optimization Program is designed for intermediate to advanced lifters who want a challenging hypertrophy and strength focused program. This program is perfect for experienced lifters that want to spice up their training with advanced training techniques to maximize their muscular potential. This is a 3x/week lower body focused program that also incorporates upper body 2x/week to ensure an aesthetic and balanced physique. Enjoyability was a big focus to ensure you stick with this program and finish it with amazing results!


Experience: Intermediate to Advanced

Difficulty: Level 4


  • 10-week Glute-Focused Hypertrophy & Strength Program
  • 3 Training Blocks Designed to Maximize Muscular Potential
  • Includes Advanced Training Techniques
  • 5 Days/Week Split (3 Lower Days, 2 Upper Days)
  • Private video links for EVERY exercise performed by Stephanie Buttermore 
  • Coaching cues for each exercise
  • Full explanations of fundamental training principles (36 scientific references)
  • Functional anatomy and images for every muscle trained


As with all of my programs, this Optimization Program is scientifically supported by the most up-to-date exercise science literature (36 Scientific References) to ensure you will develop a balanced and aesthetic physique, while also improving overall strength. There are 3 Training blocks that follow a wave progression so you can finish off this program with some all time PRs!

In addition to outlining all of the fundamental principles of training, functional anatomy and joint actions, there is also a section on  advanced training techniques that are woven into the program. You will not only get the most challenging and fun program you’ve ever run, but this document also includes thorough explanations of volume, frequency, rate of perceived exertion, progressive overload and so much more. I wanted this document to also be a reference tool that you can use for the rest of your lifting career!


  • Intermediate to Advanced female lifters that have at least 2+ years of consistent training
  • Access to a full gym (Not for At-Home)
  • Lifters who really want to challenge themselves and make hypertrophic & strength gains
  • Lifters who would like to develop a balanced and complete physique
  • Lifters who are serious about making gains and making progress

Women's Optimization 10 Week Program (Intermediate to Advanced)


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Prices of my programs are displayed in USD. Despite the official currency shown, you can still purchase the programs with your local currency (example: CAD) and your bank will handle the conversion.

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