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It's Finally Here!

It's Finally Here!

All of my programs are now available in one easy to use application!

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Offers a one-time purchase of an 8 or 10 week women’s training program ranging from beginner, intermediate to advanced level trainees. These programs are geared towards women interested in building muscle and strength.

Available Programs:

Quick & Effective Women's Training Program (Beginner to Advanced)

Women's At-Home Training Guide: All Levels

Women's Foundation’s Program (Beginner to Intermediate)

Women's Specialization Program (Intermediate to Advanced)

Women's Optimization Program (Intermediate to Advanced)

Each program offers exercise video demonstrations, functional cues and an easy to use entry format that allows you to track and save your progress.

Additionally, each program comes with a wealth of information about the scientific principles used to create the program you purchased, training variables, functional anatomy, and so much more!

More information about each program can be found here:

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If you have previously purchased a program from my website, you can access your program for free by logging into the app. Use the email you used to purchase the program and it will appear in your app library. It will take about 15 minutes after you create an account. You can also purchase programs in the app!

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