Quick & Effective Women's Training Program

12 Week Program for Time Conscious Women

“Includes two PDFs: Quick & Effective Program PDF + Informative Training Manual. Download both for access to everything.”  


Experience: Beginner to Advanced

This program is for all my busy ladies out there who want to workout for their health and improve their overall body composition, but don’t want to spend hours and hours in the gym. Whether you are a busy mom with a full-time job, busy college student, caretaker for your parents or just a gal with priorities other than living in the gym, I think you’ll enjoy these fast and challenging workouts. Every workout is designed to be efficient without sacrificing effectiveness by implementing training techniques that can get the same muscular stimulation in less time, as well as save time on setup by electing to use machines and dumbbells.

Depending on the placement of the equipment in your gym and your level of advancement, each workout should take roughly an hour.


12-week program (three 4-week training blocks)

3 days/week full body workouts (lower body focused)

Optional 4th Day that can be done at home or the gym

Video Demonstrations for every exercise

Instructional cues for each exercise

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for women interested in building muscle and improving overall body composition. You will need access to a full gym to run this program. If you train at home, I would consider my At-Home Training Guide. This program can be run by beginners, intermediate or advanced level lifters. Since the program is primarily dumbbell, cable and machine based, experience with proper technique on advanced level barbell lifts is not required. This Program uses the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale to determine the weight you should use and the effort you need to exert. (RPE is explained in the program). Therefore a beginner will have a different RPE than an advanced lifter. This makes it possible to prescribe the same workouts to varying levels of lifters as you will be the one to determine how heavy or how hard you should exert yourself based on your personal strength and experience.

Training Blocks

Block One

Each workout in block one will begin with two primary, strength exercises followed by exercises grouped into supersets. This block will prime your body for future blocks by incorporating a lot of exercise variety and well as a wider rep range. This hypertrophy block primarily uses dumbbell and machine based exercises and includes a lot of techniques that enhance an exercise like eccentric accentuated movements and constant tension. This will double as warming up with working sets and minimize how heavy you need to go for the set to be effective, which saves time. For example, hypertrophy is shown to be the same in accentuated eccentrics with less weight when compared to a standard tempo using higher weight.

The first two primary exercises may take 20 minutes, as these are meant to be done in a standard fashion with longer rest times, but the rest of the workout should move more quickly. So do not be discouraged if you finish the first two exercises and you still have a lot to do. The supersets will be more time efficient.

Block Two

This block will be more strength focused than block one but still incorporates a lot of exercise variety and hypertrophy style training. The two primary strength movements will encourage higher exertion than the previous block therefore the workout will be more challenging. With higher full body exertion, this block will be lower volume to account for fatigue management.

More exercises using the smith machine are introduced in this block, in addition to cables, machines and dumbbells to ensure efficient setup. Using the smith machine enables the inclusion of compound movements without having to setup a barbell in a rack. Similar to block one, the first two exercises may take a lot of the total allotted time, but the rest of the workout will move much faster.

Block Three

This block will be the most strength focused of all the three blocks. Day 1 of each training week will be deliberately strength dominated with a linear progression across the block. This will be balanced out with two hypertrophy workouts that focus on mind-muscle connection. These two hypertrophy workouts also keep the workouts more enjoyable round out the training week with a balance of strength, hypertrophy, and fun. The MMC days will return to using supersets as in previous blocks.

Optional 4th Day

Every block contains 3 full body workouts per week as the “main” workouts, however I included a 4th optional day for those who have the time and desire to train another day. I wanted this workout to be possible in a gym or at home for those who have some basic at-home equipment. This day is an added hypertrophy workout that will increase total weekly volume BUT it is not necessary to get the most out of this program. The workouts are not highly fatiguing on purpose, because you need to recover for the main workouts. The benefits of increasing volume beyond the main workouts will add some benefit but by no means make or break your results if you don’t have the time. But if you do and you want to, then these optional days are a great addition to the training week!

Quick & Effective Women's Training Program


“Includes two PDFs: Quick & Effective Program PDF + Informative Training Manual. Download both for access to everything.”  

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